Durable Embedment

When embedded in concrete, cellular plastic or other building materials, products from GRIPCON® provide anchoring for all types of bolted joints, even if the screws need to be removed and attached again. GRIPCON® provides secure anchoring regardless of the number of times a screw needs to be refastened.

The profile of the GRIPCON® strip provides a secure hold in the embedment material, even if the bolted joint is subjected to heavy-duty usage.

Durable Material

The material – an extruded fiber plastic composite – exhibits properties very similar to concrete in regards to varying temperatures, water resistance and other external factors, thus providing durable solutions for bolted joints over time.

Some of the benefits:

  • Easy to embed
  • Anchors to the embedment material
  • Most standard screw types may be used
  • Environmentally friendly product, based on recycled plastic and cellulose fibers from cutter shavings
  • May be embedded in concrete
  • Weatherproof
  • Durable over time
  • Easy to work with
  • Large volumes can be manufactured to specific needs

Environmentally Friendly Embedment

Patented embedment strips by GRIPCON® are manufactured from a mixture of recycled plastic and cellulose fibers obtained from cutter shavings. This is performed in accordance with methods protected by the patent owned by our partner, Polyplank AB, that also manufacture other types of environmentally friendly building materials. For more information, please visit www.polyplank.se.

By using recycled plastics, our product contributes to reducing the amount of plastic residue. GRIPCON® products make a difference for our environment.